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The Story of Rissy & Co

About Us

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We have been active in the animal community for over 20 years. Our family has been part of foster programs, adoptions, breeding, animals for rehabilitation, and UKC show competitions.  The passion and love we have for our pets has led us on the most gratifying journey to better their lives.  When Gigi began having skin issues and gum problems we quickly racked up the vet bills to keep her comfortable.

We started looking closely as to what was in the foods and treats we were giving our babies and it was obvious we were hooked by so many companies marketing verbiage.  We took control and began researching coconut flour, pumpkin, flaxseed, fish oil, turmeric, bone broth, parsley, glucosamine and chondroitin.  So, with GiGi on the forefront of our goal to produce amazing power packed teats we began creating what we felt was the best quality that she deserved and would improved her health.

Since the start of this awesome journey a year ago, Gigi’s health and skin has improved tremendously.  Rissy & Co started as just a simple change for our treasured family member.  The love spread to friends and family with treats in zip lock baggies.  Today, we are so blessed to know that fur babies all over the United States are sharing in the same homemade, handcrafted treats that we trust to our family.  Thank you for bringing us into your home and allowing us to be a part of your journey.

From our family to yours. Be well and live your best life!!

About Us: About Us
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